Thursday, November 10, 2016

“Holo It’s Me,” Clothing.

Anyone here a Holosexual? No?… How about now? ;)
Some of you may know of Simplynailogical’s “Holosexual” T-shirts; she’s a nail artist like me. I decided to make them for your sims! :D This top is a Separate; this way you can pair it with anything… even though you would be crazy to pair it up with anything BUT holo. I included them in the file with the skirts to make life easier.

Of course I had to make more holographic skirts, you can never have too many! There are two different patterns and meshes for the skirts and they’re both included.
Download Skirts and Top

And of course a simple holographic dress. There is only one color for this.
Download Dress

If you want to download everything at once:
Download “Holo It’s Me” collection


  1. How do you add these in Sims 4?

  2. Thank you so much for this Shirt <3 #holosexual <3