This is a section for frequently asked questions and just anything I could think of that anyone would want to know. Any questions you want to ask, you can email me, comment below, or ask me on Tumblr.

-Where do you get you hair?

  • I pretty much download hair meshes from anywhere but mostly from Newsea, Skysims, Peggyzone (well, before she disappeared), and cazy. I download retextured hairs from MYBsims because they're pretty consistent at retextures and they do a great job.
-Do you know how to make defaults?
  • No, but maybe in the future I'll teach myself
-Where do you download clothing from? 
  • I really love Alisa's clothing at Simsomia; they're flawless and she makes amazing meshes. I also still visit lianasims2 and Justsims2 even though they don't update anymore. But I like making my own. (obviously XD)
-Do you take requests?
  • Yes... but also no. I depends on the request and how much I have planned already and if the request is moderately easy. So, you can send them to me at TacozMonkey@yahoo.com, but please don't take it personally if I decide not to do it. But I am always up for suggestions for what I should make next. :)
-Would you exchange banners with me?
-Do you have a Tumblr?
-Will you make tutorials on how to make CC? 
  • I'm actually working on that. :)
-Where do you get your textures?
  • Well, I mostly get them through google searches, but once in awhile I find a site that has one or two good outfits.
-Do you make meshes?
  • I know nothing about creating meshes... sorry. 
-What happened to GothiK N' Casual?
  • Unfortunately the site was taken over by Malware and there was no saving it so I had to delete it. But most of my old creations are on my DeviantArt and there might be a few older creations on there that I made before GothiK N' Casual. 
-Will you ever create for the sims 3? The sims 4?
  • I'm actually working on how to make sims 3 CC. But I doubt I will ever make for the sims 4, because I don't even own the game.

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