Saturday, June 14, 2014

Tea Berry Dresses

Please redownload the pink dress! I fixed the seams so they actually match up.
Okay, so I'm pretty sure that hell has literally froze over because it's still cold as F*** here. Luckily, today has been amazingly warm... finally. But seriously, WTF is up with all of this snow?!! It's practically April and we have barely thawed out. -_-
Sorry for my lack of posts, it seems as though I have only posted once this month and I feel terrible that I haven't been posting very often. Unfortunately, sharing a computer must mean that I can't have access to it... nice huh? So, if I don't post anything, it's not my fault. This is why I hate being a younger sibling. -_-
Today, I come to you with more clothing! Dresses to be exact. And with it being "spring" I thought floral and lace dresses would be perfect for the end of winter. Because.... I hate winter.... a lot. :D And if any of you are still frozen over where you live, I feel your pain.

fixed dress seam!