Wednesday, April 5, 2017

I've been creating more custom content and I've even been back to playing the sims 2 again. I've found myself lost in the art of building and decorating my sims houses. I haven't been posting too recently only because my mouse batteries died so I can't play without ungodly amounts of frustration from use the mouse pad on my laptop.
But, I have many hobbies, not just sims. I love nail art and I love making Pokémon amigurumi. I have even taken to Etsy to sell my crochet creations; ClaudieCrochet. It's helped me pay a few bills and kept me from sinking; financially and emotionally. I make these creations for true Pokémon fans and for children (although I recommend they be at least 3 years of age.) My prices usually range from $25-$30, and I even take custom orders for Pokémon or whatever else you desire, just send me a message on my etsy. (Prices may very depending on difficulty or size.) Not to mention, I will ship anywhere! My creations are high quality, they're guaranteed to stay together, and they're super adorable. :)

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